If you’re headed to the beach with an umbrella in tow, you’ll want to know how to properly secure it in the sand. Here’s a quick guide on how to do just that:

1. Find a spot for your umbrella. Make sure it’s not too close to the water’s edge and that there are no obstacles nearby that could potentially topple it over.

2. Dig a hole in the sand that’s big enough to fit the umbrella’s pole. The hole should be about 12 inches deep.

3. Insert the umbrella’s pole into the hole and fill the hole with sand, packing it down around the pole to secure it in place.

4. Open the umbrella and make sure it’s positioned the way you want it.

And that’s it! Your umbrella should now be firmly secured in the sand, ready to provide you with some much-needed shade.

Advance Tips: How To Put An Umbrella In The Sand

Assuming you would like tips on how to keep your beach umbrella from blowing away:

1. Look for a spot where there are few trees or buildings. The wind is typically weaker near these objects.
2. If there are no trees or buildings in sight, choose a spot on the beach that is lower than the surrounding area. Wind typically blows from high to low areas.
3. Loosen the knob at the top of the umbrella so the pole is not locked in place. This will allow the umbrella to move slightly with the wind, rather than being blown over.
4. Push the pole of the umbrella into the sand at a slight angle, about 30 degrees. This will help the umbrella stand up straight and provide more stability.
5. Fill the umbrella base with sand, rocks, or shells. The heavier the base, the less likely the umbrella will blow away.
6. If you are using a beach umbrella with a built-in sand anchor, make sure the anchor is properly engaged before tightening the knob at the top of the pole.

With these tips, you can relax on the beach without worry that your umbrella will blow away.


An umbrella can be put in the sand by inserting the metal pole of the umbrella into the sand until it is sturdy, and then tilting the umbrella until it is at the desired angle.

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