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1. What are the best grilling charcoal briquettes?

There are many types of grilling charcoal briquettes on the market, so it is hard to say which ones are the best. However, we would recommend looking for briquettes that are made from 100% natural hardwood, as these will provide the best flavor and heat.

2. How do I light a charcoal grill?

If using a charcoal chimney, place the briquettes in the chimney and light the newspaper underneath. Once the briquettes are lit, dump them into the grill and spread them out evenly. If using a self-lighting charcoal, follow the instructions on the package.


Based on our research, we believe that the best grilling charcoal briquettes are the ones that are made from natural materials and that have a low ash content. These briquettes should also be able to light easily and produce little smoke when burning.

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