The following is a Death Knight PvP Spec guide for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. This guide will help you select the best possible PvP talents and builds for your Death Knight in order to dominate your opponents in PvP combat.

If you are looking for a PvP-focused Death Knight build, this guide is for you. We will be covering the best talent choices, statistics, gear recommendations, and rotation tips to ensure that you are as prepared as possible for PvP combat.

With the release of Battle for Azeroth, the Death Knight class has seen some significant changes. One of the most notable changes is the removal of the Blood Tap talent, which was a staple of the Blood Death Knight PvP build.

Despite this change, the Blood Death Knight is still a viable and strong PvP spec. In this guide, we will be focusing on the Blood Death Knight PvP build, which is a very strong and durable build that is capable of dishing out a

The Best Dk Pvp Spec Bfa Comparisons Chart

Review of The 7 Best Dk Pvp Spec Bfa

You Have To Know FAQs of Dk Pvp Spec Bfa

1. What is the best way to spec for DK PvP in BfA?

The best way to spec for DK PvP in BfA is to go with a Frost/Blood hybrid spec. This will allow you to have the best of both worlds, with the burst damage of Frost and the self-healing of Blood.

2. What are the best race/faction combinations for DK PvP in BfA?

The best race/faction combinations for DK PvP in BfA are:


Blood Elf – Frost

Orc – Frost

Tauren – Blood

Troll – Frost

Undead – Frost


Human – Frost

Dwarf – Frost

Gnome – Blood

Night Elf – Frost


The Dk Pvp Spec Bfa is a great choice for those who want to excel in PvP. It has strong Burst and AOE capabilities, making it a great class for both small and large scale PvP.

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