Bane is a playable character in the game Fire Emblem Fates. He is a member of the Nohrian royal family and the son of King Garon. Bane is a skilled fighter and carries a greatsword into battle. He is a loyal friend and ally, but can be hot-headed and impulsive.

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You Have To Know FAQs of Bane Fire Emblem Fates

1. How many different forms does Bane have in Fire Emblem Fates?
Bane has three different forms in Fire Emblem Fates. His human form, his dragon form, and his true form.

2. What is the difference between Bane’s human form and his dragon form?
Bane’s human form is his weaker form, while his dragon form is his stronger form. His dragon form is only accessible to him when he is in his true form.


While Bane may not be the most powerful character in Fire Emblem Fates, he is still a valuable asset to any team. He has a strong weapon in the Levin Sword and his personal skill, Defiant Strength, allows him to deal more damage when his HP is low. He also has the ability to use fire-based magic, which can be very useful against certain enemies. Overall, Bane is a well-rounded character that can be very helpful in a variety of situations.

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