On April Fools’ Day, some people like to play practical jokes on their friends and loved ones. If you’re in a relationship, you may be wondering if there’s a way to prank your boyfriend without ruining the relationship. Luckily, there are a few harmless April Fools’ Day jokes that you can play on your boyfriend that will make him laugh.

One popular April Fools’ Day joke is to put a plastic cockroach in his shoe. When he goes to put his shoe on, the cockroach will fall out and scare him. Another joke is to put a whoopee cushion on his chair. When he sits down, the whoopee cushion will make a farting noise and he’ll be surprised.

If you want to play a more elaborate prank, you could try putting a fake spider in his bed. When he gets into bed, the spider will jump out and scare him. Or, you could fill his car with balloons. When he

The Best April Fools Joke On Boyfriend Comparisons Chart

Review of The 7 Best April Fools Joke On Boyfriend

You Have To Know FAQs of April Fools Joke On Boyfriend

1. Why did your boyfriend play an April Fools’ joke on you?

He probably thought it would be funny. Maybe he was trying to make you laugh or just wanted to play a prank on you.

2. What did he do?

He probably did something to make you think he was going to break up with you or that he was cheating on you. It might have been a harmless prank or something that caused you to worry for a brief moment.


Your boyfriend’s April Fools joke was pretty funny! You definitely got him good! It sounds like you had a great time together and you’re definitely looking forward to next year’s prank war!

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